Just wondering…

If I go for a walk, but stop on the way at both the coffee shop AND the bakery, does it count as a workout?  I think perhaps not…

Took my littlest boy for his first haircut today.  Yep, at four months.  Seriously.  The big boy had his seventh haircut.  These kids are going to cost me a fortune at the hairdressers!

Was feeling motivated today, but the boys played tag team again and didn’t let me get anything done.  Plus it was a beautiful day so we felt the need to picnic for lunch, and play at the park.  Hoping tomorrow will work out a bit better. Got lots to do.  Including taking some special things down to the post office, cos I made Masters top 50.  I’m not sure I like the fact that they announce a top 50… I mean, I know WHY they do it, but making top 50 and then getting rejected anyway?  That’s gotta be tough.

Hmmmm.. can smell lasagne burning…  gotta go.  Sorry about the no-photo post – I didn’t take ANY photos of any of the above things today – bad scrapbooking mummy!


3 thoughts on “Just wondering…

  1. CONGRATS Tam on making the top 50!!!!!! Thats awesome. Way to go girl, so proud of you. Haircut already! Wow. He was born with a LOT of hair though hey lol. xx

  2. hi Tam, congrats on the top 50 list :). and just wanted to say good luck for the 3rd round of the Bons DT comp.

    our youngest DS was a “hairy” thing too and needed a haircut only a few months old :)!!!

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