I really didn’t want to leave that post there up the top for that long.  Bit sad and depressing really.

Soooooo, what’s been happening here?  We bought a new car.  Well, we are paying it off, but you know…  Our old car was getting to be a horrible old invalid of a thing, so we went out looking and bought the first one we looked at.  It was exactly what we wanted.  It’s four years old, so not new, but it’s new to me :o)

Been doing a bit of scrapping.  I’m in the race for a DT spot at Bon’s, so each week brings a new challenge for that!  This was round three – I’ve just emailed round four and waiting for the results to be announced soon!

There are HEAPS of challenges on the Bon’s forum too.  This one was a challenge to use green, stitching and staples.  LOVE this pic.

(HA, the second I published this post I got an email from SM wanting to publish this layout, so you’ll have to wait to see it!!!!)

This one was using the August Studio Calico kit.

And this one was published in last month’s Scrapbook Creations.

Bugger about the pics all being different sizes…

Anyways, that’s a nice little catch up.  My boys are both sleeping AT THE SAME TIME and I was doing a bit of scrapping.  Loving the peace and quiet…


One thought on “Sorry!

  1. O…M…G…

    Sleeping at the *same* time!!! That is just TOO good! LOL

    Loving your layouts… seriously – whenever I’m short of inspiration – i visit your blog :o)

    And HOORAH for a new car!!!

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