Happy news

So guess who’s the newest DT member over at Bon’s Scraps?  Yay!  This was my round 4 entry (we had to use a BIG photo, a small title in an unusual place, and at least three non-scrapping type things… also some doodling and handcutting).

And for the last round we had to do an OTP item.  Now, I really am not a fan of OTP thingies, but I made a cute little notepad from scratch to jot down ideas, sketches, challenges etc, and I really love it.

This was my page for Bon’s monthly challenge – inspired by the colours and shapes in a kitchen ad.

This one was for Stuck Sketches #57

And this one was for a challenge I set at Bon’s – scrapping one of your pets.

I was amazed how much I look like Xander in that photo.  I must have been about five months there – the same age he is now.

Hmmmm… I had a couple of other photos to share but I have lost them in the abyss of my hard drive.  Some other time.  Better go and do some housey stuff now… or maybe have a coffee first ;o)


4 thoughts on “Happy news

  1. OOOO Tam that is so exciting. So deserved.
    Loving all these LOs. You are so right about you looking like Xander in the last one. That is freaky!
    Hope to see you soon (at the Girls Night In!)

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