Game on!

Another quick ad ;o)

If you’re looking for a forum to call home at the moment, head over to Bon’s – we’re about to start a two week long competition to celebrate Bon going away (we love you, Bon, really!)  There’s lots of fun games and challenges, and some fab prizes!

And I HAVE been doing some scrapping, but haven’t gotten around to scanning anything yet.  Will do it soon!

In baby news, my little bubba is now rolling AND he cut a tooth yesterday!  Feels like he is growing up all of a sudden.  Shame he’s decided not to sleep longer than two hours at a time at night though.  Sigh.


3 thoughts on “Game on!

  1. it must be the week for it – imogen’s second tooth came through today, and since thursday, she’s been rolling all over the place because she watched one of her little friends at playgroup rolling, and i think she felt left out… (luckily, she’s still sleeping well!)

  2. Oh it’s lovely when babies start moving around..they become a whole different little person :)

    Hope Xander starts sleeping through a bit more for you Tam!!

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