On being productive

Well, perhaps not THAT productive, but I feel like I have lots of projects on the go at the moment… Allow me to amuse myself and list them:

1. Stories In Hand

This is a fantastic, FREE, Jessica Sprague class designed to encourage us to write down our stories – whether or not we use them to create scrapbooks.  We began by creating a binder full of hundreds of prompts, and are now in the writing stage.  I have written four little stories about my childhood down in Google Docs, and I am addicted.  Amazing how much you remember when you sit down and really think.  It’s exactly the kind of thing I wish I had from my grandparents, and I really want to get my parents to start writing (fat chance…)  I may just post some of stories here, because what’s the use of writing if you don’t share?!

2. December Daily album

Ali Edwards has created a December Daily album for the past few years, and shares her method on her blog.  It is basically a mini album with 25 pages – one for each day leading up to Christmas – documenting her family’s activities and traditions during the festive season.  I have my album all made up, and I’m ready to go.  I’ll be posting some journalling prompts over at Bon’s in December too, just in case anyone needs a hand with topics to fill up their albums.

3. Advent calendar

Me and my bestie, Mel, both individually came across this cute felt advent calendar at Allsorts.  Lots of stitching involved.  I’ve finished two little pockets – only 23 to go!

4. Scrapping

Still scrapping!  Have got SO much new stuff at the moment, it’s a bit overwhelming.  I’ve got two Studio Calico kits that I’ve barely touched, plus a new one arrived last week.  Got my Bon’s kit last week as well.  Plus I hit the LSS sale and grabbed some cute papers… I really have to declutter my scrap stuff and give some bits away.

5. Vegie garden

I really shouldn’t try this… I kill plants.  ALL the time.  But yesterday I planted out a little section of our garden (right outside the kitchen window) with carrots, bok choy, spinach, lettuce, capsicum, parsley, basil, leeks, tomatoes and zucchini.  I’m aching from digging in compost and cow poo.  Now, just to remember to actually water them.  And weed.  And keep the birds and snails away.

6. Christmas cards and tags

Going simple this year, and trying not to send out too many cards.  Using one of the gorgeous exclusive Studio Calico stamps.  Wrapping presents with kraft paper and red ribbon with shipping tags.

That’s it, I think… Have to start on my Christmas baking.  Making puddings again this year.  Mince pies.  Might do some little cakes for pressies…  Will have to do some gingerbread people for the tree – Diesel LOVES them.  Time to start a to-do list…


5 thoughts on “On being productive

  1. Hi Tam,
    Have been admiring your work at SC for a while…also a subscriber who has kits piling up around her with no time to play. Just wanted to come out of Lurkdom and say HI…love your stuff. Good luck with the vegie garden…we put one in a few weeks ago and it is growing like crazy.

  2. Hi Tammy …I saw your beautiful layouts in Scrapbooking Memories today! They are so lovely, congratulations on the 2 Masters Honourable Mentions. I bet you spent a long time working on your submissions. Hey I love your style…regards, michelle.

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