Hello 2009

We are on our way home from beautiful Bright and I’m taking advantage of the WordPress application on my iPhone (love this thing!) to draft a blog post so I don’t feel quite so behind!

We just spent a week camping in Bright – in the alpine region of Victoria. I haven’t really been camping a lot, but Rog grew up doing it, and I was just a little scared of the experience, especially with two young boys. But I loved it! Granted, I didn’t have to set up the tent! And we were staying in a very well-equipped caravan park. But it was great. The boys slept well for the most part and were good. My best mate and her family were staying in their caravan right next door and all the boys had a blast playing together and with the two little girls staying across the road. It was hot and we swam in the river and walked into town and played on the park and had the best iced coffees ever and generally had a wonderful time. So wonderful that we rebooked for next year. Yay!

So working backwards, I went on strike for new years eve this year and did nothing. I scrapped and went to bed early and it was a great night! Think I’ll be doing that again, specially whole we have young kids.

Christmas was great. Rog’s parents were away so we spent the day with my family. Everyone was extremely spoilt. I got a very fancy new tripod from Rog, a new camera bag and loads of other fun stuff.

I’m going to call it quits on the rest of the catching up and start anew ;) I should resolve to blog more, shouldn’t I? I’ll promise to try, but that’s all. He he he.

Don’t forget to check out Bon’s for the new January challenges and new stock! I am also going to be running an online class there later in the month… I’ll post more details and sneaks when I get home and get it all sorted. I’m so hanging to scrap after being crazy busy with Christmas stuff and then being away. Think a mini album of our holiday might be on the cards…

Phone battery is running low, so I’ll add photos to this at home and post again as soon as I can. Hope my extended absence hasn’t bored everyone away… Let me know if you pop by :o)


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