My Xander

Think it’s about time I did a quick catch up on my littlest boy. He’s 8 months old now which I find so hard to believe! He’s doing all the usual 8 month old baby stuff I guess – eating heaps, starting to get around, teething, giving us lots of smiles. And just as I’m writing this, he is up on hands and feet with his bum in the air and head on the ground… Too cute.

From early on it was clear this boy liked to get to bed early. He would love to be in bed by 6.30, but it’s a little impossible to get everyone sorted that early, so he’s generally in bed about 7. He goes straight to sleep and generally sleeps straight through until about 6, sometimes later. What a champion!

He loves his food, just like D did at this age. He now pretty much eats what we do. Two vita Brits for brekky, vegemite sandwich for lunch, and whatever we’re having for dinner. He has 5 teeth too, so that helps with the whole chewing thing.

About a month ago he started proper crawling (as opposed to commando, which he was doing for a while) and he is pretty much getting around all over the place now. He can crawl from one end of the house to the other no problems. And in the last week or so he has started pulling himself up on everything and standing on his cute, chunky legs. He’ll even turn around to grin at us cheekily, holding on with one hand.

He is generally a placid, happy thing, although Diesel manages to bring the worst out of him by persistently harrassing him. Diesel steals toys off him, pushes him, rolls on him, rides him like a horse (funny, but not, if you know what I mean)… Xander has a serious cheeky streak and I’m a little scared of what’s going to happen as the two of them get older!

He loves the water, loves chasing balls, loves cuddles and company, still sucks his thumb when he’s tired, plays with his feet when he’s bored, pulls hair, sucks toes, still has cute fat rolls (although they are slowly disappearing) and absolutely brightens my days.

We call him Dub-Dub, which was how Diesel said Chub-Chubs; our original nickname for him. I also tend to call him Pumpkin.

And in case you hadn’t noticed, we love him to bits :)


One thought on “My Xander

  1. He is gorgeous Tam, looks so happy too! Great scrapbooking too, i never seem to get around to doing mine! I found your blog through facebook :-)

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