One of two

Yep, so I’m planning two posts today. This one because I feel like doing it now, and the next because I’ve got a couple of things I need to photograph later when it gets lighter.

Potty training is going exceptionally well.  No accidents yesterday, and dry overnight.  AWESOME!  Being a clothie, I am SO  happy with only have one lot of nappies to wash!  I am almost up to date with washing which hasn’t happened… forever!

Bushfires still burning.  It seems that direct threats to towns have subsided, but the risk is still there if the winds go in the wrong direction.  My sister-in-law and her family are out of danger now.  The community directly next to theirs was wiped out, as was their pub just down the road.  The atmosphere is so smoky – even inside the house this morning my eyes and throat are stinging.  A horrible reminder of the past week.  On that vein, a couple of photographer friends of mine are offering their session fees from March to the bushfire relief fund – check out See Be Art and Kipindi Photography.

Got my February Studio Calico kit yesterday.  I hadn’t even cracked January’s yet, so I got into it last night.  January was exactly my kind of kit.  Bright and bold with lots of October Afternoon goodness.  February is less ‘me’ – being a little bit pink and a little bit girly – but sometimes I end up loving those kits the most because they challenge me and I have to stretch myself a bit.

And here’s another layout I did with Bon’s February boy kit – this one was for Peta’s February sketch.

Better go get my hungry baby some breakfast now!  That boy gets excited about food like nothing else.


2 thoughts on “One of two

  1. Hi Tam! Just discovered you by chance. Love your layouts! I’m an 8 1/2 x 11 scrapper too, and I always love finding scrappers that inspire me. I will definitely be visiting your blog regularly. Feel free to visit me, too!

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