Two of two

I had *meant* to do this second post a lot sooner, but didn’t get around to photographing what I wanted to on Friday… One of the things I meant to get was my box of fruit and vegies from Aussie Farmers Direct. I bit the bullet and decided to trial them for a few weeks. I am impressed. I DID forget to photograph the box when it came (might remember this week). It all looked so nice and the quality is excellent.  Maybe not quite enough quantity for us though – the boys all eat a lot of fruit and we eat a lot of vegies too.  But the variety is great, and I’m happy to be supporting our farmers :)

And here is the page I was talking about in my last post – it was done in response to a challenge by Davinie Fiero here.  I love the idea, and I like how my layout turned out – simple, but a great reminder of our busy January!  I don’t think I’ll have quite so many photos in February – I don’t think we’ve done anything much so far!!

My recent obsession is buying shoes on ebay…  Check out these pairs that I got super cheap.

Oh so cute.  Just need some new clothes to go with them ;o)


2 thoughts on “Two of two

  1. Hey mate!

    Just a quickie to thank you for the tip on Aussie Farmers Direct. I ordered from them yesterday (a box for us, a box for my sis & her family and a box for Mum & Dad) and they arrived today. Excellent quality and loads there!

    Very exciting! Looks so yummy in the box!

    And (goes without saying) – your layout is gorgeous!

    Ali :o)

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