OK, there was this quilt, right?

I’m no quilter, and even my sewing is fairly hit and miss, so I don’t know WHAT I was thinking, but before Xander was born I wanted to spruce up the nursery.  We never decorated it before Diesel was born due to money and time constraints, and I really felt the need to *do* something to it in a crazy nesting moment.  I bought some Ikea shelves, and some cheapy $2 shop baskets which I relined.  I made a nappy stacker from the same fabrics.  AND bought enough fabric to make a quilt and recover a cushion.  The baskets and nappy stacker were done in plenty of time.  And I cut out the quilt top and pieced it.  And folded it up and put it aside.  Mostly because I couldn’t decide what to do for the back, and I was fairly afraid of the actual quilting process.

Anyways, a year later, Xander is 10 months old, and I finally decided that it was time to finish the quilt finally.  I went to Spotlight and bought some cotton batting, some black spotty fabric for the back and some red for the binding.  I laid it out on the bed (multiple times as Diesel decided it was fun to jump on…) and pinned it together with about 200 safety pins.  Then I quilted.  It was immensely satisfying.  I am no Janelle Wind so I stuck with straight lines.  It took me a couple of hours (while watching Matrix) and it’s not perfect, but I just love how it turned out.  Then it was time to bind it.  I followed the instructions here and was very naughty and didn’t use bias binding.  Actually, I doubted her measurements at one stage and ended up having to unpick a whole side.  I finished sewing the binding this morning and it’s fairly rough, but my quilt is DONE and I love it and I’m happy.  I have spent many happy minutes staring at it today.  I thoroughly recommend sewing a quilt if you want a very satisfying project!


7 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Gorgeous job Tam. The quilt looks fabulous! Don’t think I’m brave enough to try making one yet, but it’s on the ‘one day’ list :-P

  2. Looks great Tam. Would love to see it in the nursery with all the matching stuff. Great job! Quilting is very satisfying. Now Diesel will want one too. :)

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