Everyday stuff

Busy with the everyday here lately.

Xander is busy learning new things – waving, clapping, kissing and standing without holding on are his latest achievements. His regular wake up time is 5.30 which is leaving me quite weary during the days!

Diesel is busy working on his conversation skills. He asks ‘wha’s that?’ or ‘wha’s that noyyyyyse’ about a thousand times a day. Nice having little conversations with him though. He is also becoming very social – loving playing with other kids and finally loving crèche at church. I’m keen to get him into kinder later this year; I think he will really thrive with the extra stimulation.

Rog is busy with work and making the most of it while it lasts. With the economy as it is, we aren’t taking anything for granted. He’s been blessed with constant work for a couple of years now and it would be lovely to he able to see this downtime through with our heads above water.

I’ve been busy with the usual house stuff, paperwork for the business, crafty pursuits and a crazy social life lately. We have all of a sudden had a whole lot of birthdays and things.  The weekend just gone we had Bon’s little princess, Lacey’s 1st birthday party.  It was a fairies and pirates theme, so I spent a couple of days making some cute pirate costumes for the boys.  They looked sooooo cute (photo courtesy of the amazing Dannii B).

I also made a ‘dream catcher’ for Lacey’s room – all pink and soft and gorgeous!  I really liked how this turned out and can see myself making more for gifts!

And here’s the birthday girl!

Been scrapping too, but nothing I can share yet – mostly for April stuff for Bon’s and Scrap the Boys.  Hoping to get all my commitments out of the way and do some ‘just for fun’ stuff soon!  I think I can share this one – it’s new and hasn’t been picked up!

I have promised Roger’s cousin that I will make her 21st cake for next weekend too.  She wants a TALL cake (I’m thinking three split mudcakes on top of each other) surrounded by chocolate shards.  Sounds good, hey?  Hoping I can come up with the goods – I’ll let you know how I go!!

I have also been getting to the gym a couple of times a week.  My muscles are currently ACHING from a boxing class last night.  Was nice to get out and HIT some stuff.  I needed it yesterday!

Off to get busy with some washing and folding now.  Oh the joy.


7 thoughts on “Everyday stuff

  1. Hello there… I love reading ur stuff and looking at the cute pics of ur dorks!! Love those precious boys :) Ummm I’ll see u shortly to scrap and crap the night away !! Love you long time!!

  2. Hi mate,
    Awesome blog….I seriously do not know how you do it all…you are the Mum that most mums love to hate!!!! But I think you are an inspiration, so well done to you. Kel xx

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