Back with a bang!

Well hello!  I know it’s been a while since a good update, but I have been holding off because I had so much to share with you, and I wanted to make it worth your while ;)  You’re going to have to work for it though – I’ve got a good pile of craftiness to share with you!

First up, scrapping.

This month’s Scrap The Boys:

Bon’s monthly challenge:

My Write Now challenge for Bon’s – scrap your idol:

Layouts using Bon’s April girl kit (YUMMY Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday goodies!):

And a couple of layouts from Studio Calico kits that I did at Crop for Kids last weekend:

OK, how are we going?  Thought I’d give you a breather ;)

Next… I was asked by DH’s gorgeous cousin to make her 21st cake.  She requested a TALL cake with chocolate sheets around the edge.  After a false start or two, I came up with a six layer, ganache filled mudcake, surrounded by chocolate and topped with red roses.  Her colours were cream, chocolate brown and red, so this looked just perfect.

And my last bit of recent creating was this bag for a friend’s 30th.  She requested scrappy goodies, but I wanted to make her something special too.  This bag is just big enough for a few little scrappy bits when she goes scrapping :)  It is from this wonderful pattern HERE with a few alterations.  The first photos were pre-buttons – it needed something extra so I popped out to buy these gorgeous buttons for the front.  There is a divided pocket on each side of the inner.  I wanted to keep this one – I might have to make one for myself!

And this is where it gets fun.  I had some extra fabric, a button and some creative energy to burn once I finished that bag, so I made a clutch.  It’s cute. But I won’t use it.  I carry too much crap around.  Sooooooo, do ya want it?

It’s quite large for a clutch.  I can easily fit my large purse, iPhone, keys, diary etc in it.  It’s soft.  It has a little handle on the back for easy carrying.  And a buttonhole closure.

All I want you to do is leave a comment telling me about the next creative project you have planned.  OR, if you’re not the creating type, what you WISH you could create next.

I’ll pick a winner after Easter, in about a week… And I’m really hoping to have more giveaways in the future.  So stick around!


14 thoughts on “Back with a bang!

  1. hi Tam
    my projects are all Bons monthly challenges and other projects from another site
    Im hoping to scrap this wk end if all goes well LOL

  2. Hey Tam!

    Loving all your pages, as usual of course!
    And wow! Some 12×12’s in there!

    Love love LOVE the bag! I have just been given a new Amy Butler bag pattern for my b’day, so will be making that one, but after that I think I will give that link a try, the bag you made is such a cute shape!

    I have a few creative things on the go at the moment, or should I say, ready to start on. But I think my first will be my Amy Butler bag, then a little teddy for bubs, then maybe another cocoon for bubs. Hehe, I have big dreams!

  3. Hi Tam,
    Great to see you back :)
    Your layouts are gorgeous & inspiring as always!!!!
    I love the bag you gave your friend & I can see why you wanted to keep it yourself.
    I am like you & carry far too much cr@p around to use a clutch, but it is adorable!
    That cake looks oh so yummy, I bet it was delicious. She must have been thrilled with it.

    Have a great Easter & enjoy all the chockie!!

    Sandi :)

  4. Tam, my next creative project is hitting the beach tomorrow morn at 5.30am to practice on my NEW BABY CANON 450D camera my very first SLR ever!!!!!!!!!!
    This easter will be the best if I can get the focus right lol

  5. I wish I was creative enough to create one of those pen/crayon rolls that I have seen on blogs but alas I can’t sew to save myself and don’t have access to a functional sewing machine to try!
    Love your bag. :)

  6. Love, love, love the bag. The red/blue/ white combo is really pretty.

    And like all the LO, but especially the yellow “my happiness” one.

    I’m scrapping, today I hope. So documenting by recent birthday and what my friends mean to me.

  7. I luf this blog… ur inspiring as… u had a rad as month of creativenss and I wanna be like u, but u already know that hehe xx

  8. oooh, i looove that bag! and the clutch is pretty darn cute too! i have so many “next” crafty projects it’s not funny – including but not limited to… making a toiletries bag for our texas trip (that needs to be “next” so i actually get it done by october), editing and uploading photos to snapfish (i assume that counts – it’s an entire evening’s worth of work!), coming up with a class for later this month, and making a stack of cards to submit.

    good to see you updating again!

  9. I just love all your layouts Tam. Especially the pirate one.

    I have so many crafty projects… ( I need to finish off a name plaque for Bailey’s room). Simply loving the clutch too.

  10. Wow, you sure have been busy! Your layouts are gorgeous, but I especially love the first words one and the tough boys – those photos are so cute! That clutch purse is My next project is a layout, I don’t do much sewing. I’m planning a page about my kids current fascination with a knock knock joke.

  11. Is there anything you can not do woman???!
    The cake and your sewing – amazing!

    As always SuperMum, in awe – thank you for the inspiration.

    Happy Easter Gorgeous xxxx

  12. What a fabulous cake – you are very talented!!

    Oh this little bag is absolutely gorgeous.

    Not much creating going on in my house. I have just put my sewing machine in for a service, as I want to make my little girls some basic pinafore dresses for winter.


  13. Tam – you are just so clever. You can scrap, sew and cook! I can only do the first one…LOL However with DD’s birthday on the horizon if I could I would make her the most beautiful My Little Pony cake – it would have to be pink with a rainbow mane and complete with edible glitter. However I may be aiming a little high so will probably have to outsource this one :)

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