Wonderful weekend!

Hey, thanks everyone for your lovely comments! I love to know who pops in, and it was so nice to hear about the creative things you are getting up to.  I’m going to leave the giveaway open for another day or two, so don’t forget to comment on the post below this to be in the running to win the clutch I made.

There has been no creating around here for a little while.  We had such a lovely Easter weekend though.  On Good Friday Rog went dirt bike riding with mates, and me and the boys hung out at home, then popped around to my parents for a lovely seafood dinner.  While we were there, my dad took me and the boys for a ride out on the golf course on the golf cart to see the kangaroos.  There were hundreds – quite tame – they would come within a few metres of us, checking us out before slowly hopping away.  Some had tiny joeys peeking out of their pouches.  It was so lovely and peaceful, and the boys just loved it.  Shame I didn’t have my camera with me.

Saturday I had my first shift of work in three years!  I am working five hours on a Saturday, once a fortnight (my bestie from uni is doing the alternate Saturday).  Just ward physio work at a hospital.  It was nice to chat to patients and feel useful again!  And the extra money will be lovely.  Saturday night we had some friends over for dinner.  They were toddler-less (having left theirs with his grandparents) so we got our boys to bed and had a lovely grown-up dinner!  And then got the SingStar out.  Oh my, did we have fun.  Fun until 2.30am in the morning.  Heeeeeeee!  Rog gets quite into it – you can tell he’s getting excited when he stands up and starts fist-pumping…

My awesome friend, Lozzie is a quite amazing singer, but I think she was laughing too hard at Rog to win against him.  He is damned good though.  Obviously the fist-pumping helps.

And who gave Loz the camera?  Oops.  Someone had one too many glasses of red.

Anyways, too little sleep that night, and the Easter Bunny almost forgot to leave his trail of eggs (he – or she – had to jump out of bed as Diesel was trying to open his door and leave a hasty trail!!!)  Luckily it was well recieved with appropriate surprise and delight.  Off to Church for a lovely victory Sunday service and a good catch up with some friends.  We stopped off for a delicious brunch on the way home, and had a relaxing afternoon before my parents brought some fish and chips in for dinner.  A couple of pics from Easter morning:

And hoping to relax and get into some scrapping today!  Don’t forget to comment if you haven’t yet!


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