Menu planning

This is a concept that I have been using for quite a number of years, on and off. Dinner time is so much easier and yummier when I make the effort to meal plan, and I spend so much less on groceries. I have been a bit slack of late, but a recent post on the Simple Mom blog has inspired me to make more of an effort, and perhaps share my weekly meal plan with you every now and again. I love getting ideas from other people, and you might like something I do!

I grocery-shopped this morning, which means I’m doing things a bit topsy-turvy… AND I get my fruit and vegie delivery on a Friday arvo which means I know what I have to work with for the week ahead…

Monday: sirloin steak (on special this week) with homemade potato wedges and vegies
Tuesday: zucchini slice and vegies
Wednesday: chicken, spinach and roast pumpkin risotto
Thursday: spaghetti bolognaise
Friday: bangers and mash and vegies (ewww, that’s for the boys’ benefit)
Saturday: I’m out at a party so the boys can have leftovers
Sunday: soup and toasties or something else easy!

Bit of a boring week this week because I left it a bit late. And lots of vegies this week cos we have a huge backlog of carrots from our Aussie Farmers deliveries, even after making carrot cake last week!  I’ll have to make up for it next week with some more interesting dinners!


2 thoughts on “Menu planning

  1. I had to laugh at your backlog of carrots. We have an Aussie Farmers veggie delivery and we ALWAYS have way too many carrots.

    You have to get a bit creative with your carrots huh?

    Love your blog!

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