Flirty thirty

And so it appears that I turned thirty.  Feels fine.  So far.

Had a lovely celebration with my family on Sunday – lunch at a lovely local restaurant.  And I took home one of these:

Looks very solid and sexy sitting on my countertop.  And as you can see, it has been broken in.  Four times so far.  The mixture in it here was for my birthday cupcakes.  It will be getting a good workout in the next day or so for my BIG birthday cake too.

Saturday I am having my *other* party.  My closest friends, private dining room at a seafood restaurant, good wine, fun times, jazz club, hotel, breakfast out (with no kids!)  Kinda can’t wait.  Hoping I remain present-minded enough to get some decent photos.

And just for fun, here’s a layout I did on my feelings as I approached the big 3-0.  


6 thoughts on “Flirty thirty

  1. Hey, happy birthday Tam! Ahhh, to be 3-0 again. Love your pressie. I’ve had my eye on one of those for ages and never been able to justify the cost (not to mention that I don’t bake!!!). HOWEVER, you have just given me a stupendous idea for my big b’day later in the year. XXOO


  2. i think a kitchen aide is on my chrissy wish list… it looks masculine.. ooh delish.. lol enjoy the mixing babe… love the layout too!

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