This boy

… is cracking us up lately with some of his words.  He has turned into a chatterbox (yep, ALL DAY EVERYDAY DAY PLEASE GIVE MUM A BREAK PLEASE HONEY).  I think he has some minor speech problems – probably not enough to seek help, but enough for me to take a little time every day to work on some key words and sounds when I notice them.  Some of it is just pure laziness too, I think.

Anyhow, he has a couple of gems.  Firstly, bread crumbs = red bums.  Ohhhhh, too cute.  I LOVE making chicken schnitzels these days.

“Mum, got the red bums?”

“Mum, need more red bums?”

“I like red bums, Mum.”

Of course, we wouldn’t encourage this at all ;o)

And more recently, while making his third birthday cake (the tiger from the old Woman’s Weekly birthday cake book), he pointed at the licorice, and asked what it was.

“Mum, wassthat?”

“Licorice, honey.”




11 thoughts on “This boy

  1. That’s hilarious Tam. He is so cute. Joel really love tic tocs at the moment and he calls them cock bikkies! Um yeah!

  2. He’s a cutie or what Tam?
    They are just so funny sometimes, it must make your day when he comes up with some of those phrases?

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