This is what we did today

It was a beautiful Spring day today – the last for a while by the looks of the forecast – so while Xander had his nap, Diesel and I went outside to attack the vegie patch.  It has been disgracefully neglected since the end of summer and ‘overgrown’ is an understatement.

{Meanwhile, I went to put my old jeans on straight off the line and got bitten on the thigh by a jumping jack ant – it STINGS!!}

So, Diesel and I had a wonderful time pulling out all the ‘sea weed’, as he liked to call it.  Discovering caterpillars and centipedes and snail shells and worms.  Getting dirty and soaking up some sun.  It was fun.  Until all of a sudden the dark clouds came over and the thunder started rumbling.  We got in just in time.

{Check out the lone parsley plant – what a survivor!}

Lots more work to do to prep the vegie patch, but I’m looking forward to planting it out this year.  We learnt some lessons last year.  We need to remember to give the plants some yummy plant food – especially the tomatoes.  We definitely need to put down snail pellets (poor lettuces).  I won’t plant as much spinach – it took off like crazy and I couldn’t possibly use it all!  I won’t bother with the bok choy – I think it’s too dry in Summer here for it to grow well…

Now I’m going to nurse my stinging leg and my stinging hand (some of those weeds must be a bit irritating) and enjoy the sound of the rain on the roof.


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