After my good run for a week or so I went MIA for a bit, hey?!  I got struck down by a virus, and have had trouble concentrating on anything that took a smidge of focus, so there has been no blogging, no craftiness and definitely no housework for the last four days!  I think I’m on the mend now – I’m back to eating, at least – and hoping to get back to some scrapbooking soon.

Dying to get the sewing machine out too – have so many projects in my head!  But that’s definitely something I can’t do while the boys are around, which means I need a few uninterrupted hours.  Maybe this weekend I can steal a night to sew something.  I’ve got some fabric in my stash which might make a cute summer skirt for me – just need to pick up some contrast fabric from Spotlight…

I’m currently on my last month on the DT at Bon’s – I’ve stepped down due to the demands of family and our business.  Playing with the gorgeous girl kit at the moment, and will be running a free class over at Bon’s forum quite soon – I will update with more details when I have decided on a date!  I am sad to be leaving the team, but quite liking the thought of having a little more time to do some other things (like work on all of my unfinished projects!!)

AND I was going to upload a cute piccie of D and his favourite toy of the minute, but Photoshop isn’t playing with me today so I’ll do that next time.  Sorry for the colourless post!


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