Still not a whole lot going on around here.  DH is crazy busy with some building jobs and has been quoting from home – so my usual routine has gone out the window a bit while we try to keep out of his way!  Been doing a little scrapping – mostly for Bon’s so I can’t put it up yet.  Am looking forward to finishing my DT commitments and packing away the scrapping for just a little while.

The weather has become all delightfully Spring-like which always inspires me to get things in order.  We (or Rog…) have demolished the laundry.  Our house is quite simply a renovator’s delight.  Although where the delight comes in, I’m not so sure.  Anyways, I have designed our new laundry and sent it off to a couple of places to quote.  A whole wall of floor to ceiling cupboards – HOORAY!  And a BENCH.  To PUT STUFF ON.  And getting rid of the ugly lino that was half disintegrating and getting worse every time I flooded the laundry.  And fixing the hot tap that spurts water out of the wall.  Ooh, I can’t wait for the shiny whiteness of brand new STUFF!

Oh, and here’s the picture I wanted to post the other day of our boy with one of his favourite new toys from his birthday:


One thought on “Pottering

  1. Ahh Mr Potato Head. Joel got one for his birthday this year too. He loves it as well. Gotta love the creations they come up with!

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