Lisa Leonard giveaway

Ooh, I rarely get into blog giveaways (cos I never, ever win!) but this one I just had to let you know about.  Lisa Leonard creates amazing keepsake jewellery with your kids’ names, or a special word or quote on it.  The workmanship is amazing and the pieces are just so precious.

Via Grosgrain, you can win a $50 voucher for her store – check it out HERE.

And while you’re at Grosgrain, check out her giveaways and tutorials.  She is one inspiring chickie – I am hoping to whip up a few Christmas presents using her tutes…

Gearing up for my first full weekday at work tomorrow in over three years.  Honestly, it will feel like a break!  I am looking forward to it!


One thought on “Lisa Leonard giveaway

  1. Hey Tam. Haven’t been round these parts for a while. Your blog looks different. No? Been so busy doing my own thing I rarely get time to read many blogs these days. I’ve given up on google reader – it’s even stopped counting my unread posts (gets to 1000 and just adds a + sign!).

    Your boys are growing up. Time flies eh? Seems like yesterday I was chatting with you across the aisle of a plane about pregnancy related stuff (now you have two!). And there you are, recently celebrating #30 while I’m about to tick over into my 40’s! WO!

    See ya round.

    Penny XXOO

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