Plate full!

That’s about how I’m feeling these days – like my plate is well and truly full.  But I’m loving it!  Not sure if it’s a Spring thing, or if it’s just one of those times when I’ve got my crap together (rare these days!) but I’m being awfully productive and taking on more and more projects.

Right now I am:

  • reading our Book Club book: ‘The Secret Life of Bees’
  • creating pretty paper things for Scrapbooking Memories
  • doing a bit of work assembling beautiful cards for the girls at Poppies for Grace
  • working once a fortnight at the hospital
  • making Christmas presents for my nieces
  • making an advent calendar
  • planning to sew some Christmas stockings
  • doing the office work for our growing business
  • removing stuck on lino from the slab in the laundry

Plus the usual business of raising two toddlers, being a wife and keeping a house.

Not much really.

Back to it…


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