Meet our new addition!

No, not a baby and not a pet – much bigger!  We bought a camper van!  We have been thinking about it for a while, and one came up for a decent price so we quickly grabbed it and picked it up on the weekend.  It’s a 1982 Jayco Swan, so it has a lot of *character* but it’s in pretty good condition for it’s age.  Heaps of room inside, and Diesel already wants to sleep in it every night.  Just have to stock it up and we’ll be ready to go!

These are some dodgy iPhone pics I got of it when we set it up quickly at my parents-in-law’s house (they are ‘keeping’ it for us as we have no room).  You’ve gotta love the colour scheme!  One day I’ll recover the cushions and redo the curtains, but they will do for now!


8 thoughts on “Meet our new addition!

  1. What a great looking camper….lots of fun camping trips to be had in that ol’girl. We too have been thinking about getting a camper of some sort….just not sure what yet!

  2. Oh how awesome …you guys will have a ball… we so love camping…. have fun on your first camp in your Old but New camper….

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