Weekend update

It’s a long weekend here in Melbourne – well, kinda… Today is Melbourne Cup Day and a public holiday, and most of the state also took yesterday off.

Mouse update – Well, Morris lived behind our air-con unit for a full day, popping out occasionally for a wander along the rafters. He seemed to like the peanuts and dried apricots I fed him but I think he was still hungry. Sunday night he took a walk down to the window sill. The cat was watching, and with a well-timed jump, knocked Morris off his ledge and chased him around until I felt too sorry for him and captured him with a jug. I fed him dinner and Rog released him over the road where he was found, stunned, by a passing bicycle rider the next morning who was convinced Morris was a possum and tried to release him into a tree. True story.

Kids update – they are LOVING this weather and being outside constantly. Unfortunately they are both allergic to *something* outside – not sure what – so I have been having to keep them dosed up on anti-histamines to keep the rash down.

Renovation update – lino is completely removed from the laundry and Rog has prepped the walls ready for plastering. I cannot WAIT to have a shiny, clean laundry!! AND to get rid of this mess – renovations are so untidy!

Crafty update – me and Mel had a good night on Saturday night making a start on the boys’ santa sacks. I had the bright idea of appliqueing their names to the front which took us the best part of five hours. They will be super cute when they’re done – planning another night of sewing tomorrow.

Friends update – awesome impromptu fish and chips dinner at the park last night with our friends. The kids played while we ate and drank and enjoyed the beautiful warm evening. And I finally got the chance to practice getting some sun flare in my pics – definitely need more practice, but it was fun playing with the great light.

More later – Shimelle’s blogging class started yesterday so I have my ‘assignment’ to do!


3 thoughts on “Weekend update

  1. Urgh, I do understand about the mess of renovations. It feels like I have lived in some form of mess or another for the last ten years. I have only ever had doors on my wardrobes for about six months of that entire period, lol. Even now, in the new house, I wait patiently for cupboard doors, knowing that I’m not likely to get them between now and retirement. At least we don’t have cabling hanging out of holes in the wall anymore. Thank heavens for small progress ;)

    I also wish that we lived closer, as you and your beautiful children would definitely be invited for a coffee!

  2. sounds like you keep quite busy during your day! I hate renos myself, but just think of what that laundry room will look like before long! I painted mine recently to a nice happy green with white cabinets that only I seem to love – and I’m okay with that since I’m the one always in there! hehe! Waiving hi from class ~april

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading about your mouse visitor. We had one that left “deposits” in my silverware drawer. Finally had to set a trap. Gone now! My house is full of boxes ready to move so it is somewhat like your renovations. Can’t wait to live in a normal house again.

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