Work in progress

If you have been reading my blog for a little time, you would have gathered that we are currently renovating our house.  We bought it because it is rock solid, and has a great view of the valley from a large verandah, but everything else needs A LOT of work.  Lucky for me, I married a builder…

So far, we have built a large pergola, swapped a window and sliding door in the lounge room and completely gutted and renovated the bathroom.  Oh, and let’s not forget the enormous shed in the backyard.

Our current project is the laundry.  It didn’t have much in it when we moved in – just a completely impractical cupboard for the vacuum cleaner, which is now gone (the cupboard, not the vacuum).  We have gotten to the start-from-scratch point now.

The plan is to build floor to ceiling cupboards along the left hand wall (yay for storage space!), replace the trough, retile the wall and floor, and get a bench installed along the right next to the washer.  The fridge and freezer will go under the bench, and we’ll get a nice big overhead cupboard above it.  We need to replace the door with one with a window, as we have blocked up the existing window for more cupboard space.

I really want to start a mini-album to document this whole process.  I’m sure we’ll look back on all this with fondness one day.  But let’s just say there’s not a lot of fondness in my heart for renovating at the moment.


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