A surprisingly good night

Late last week I was unexpectedly invited to the live filming of Rove this past Sunday (Rove is a late night variety show, for any overseas readers…) I had particularly wanted to go because Powderfinger was playing there, and I am a bit of a fan.

We started lining up at 6.30pm for the 9.30pm show. Security is TIGHT going into the studio! Bag search and metal detectors and large Maori men. We sat around in the waiting room for an hour or so, drinking complimentary Red Bulls, before being led outside to the amazing outdoor set. It was the final show for the year, and it was set up beautifully with fairy lights, the usual stage lighting, and bbqs cooking snags!

We were in the standing audience and didn’t have a great view of the show, but could see everything on the screen. The night turned rather special, though, when the show started, and Rove very unexpectedly announced that it was the last Rove ever. It felt great to be at the ultimate show of what has undoubtedly been an institution of my adult life.

The show itself was great – lots of laughs. And finally, at the end of the show, Powderfinger played their newest single, and we managed to get rather close to the front. They are a brilliant live band, and it was a seriously great performance. The show finished with lots of thankyous to cast and crew, and after the cameras stopped, Powderfinger launched into another song, and the Rove crew joined them on stage – Rove played tambourine, Hamish and Andy grabbed some drumsticks, and Peter Hellier daggy danced. It was quite a special night, and although I’m not the hugest Rove fan ever, I’m very glad we were there.

We weren’t allowed to take any photos during the show, but I managed to grab this dodgy iPhone shot of me in front of the set on our way out :o)


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