Christmas values

Yep, so I’m a sucker for classes and I also signed up for Jessica Sprague’s ‘Holidays in Hand’ class. I have taken a couple of free classes from her before and they are so comprehensive and FUN that I couldn’t resist this one. I’m hoping it will work alongside my December daily album (which I am determined to complete this year!)

Today’s task is to think about our values for the season and to turn them into goals. With two little boys who are becoming more and more aware of what and why we do things, this is something that I feel I need to do.

As Christians, Christmas takes on a special significance for us – it’s a celebration of the birth of Jesus and of all the things that His life brought us. I want my boys to grow up knowing Christmas as a time of thankfulness and appreciation, not just of Santa, presents and food (although those things are also lots of fun!) I want it to be a time where we treasure our friends and family and spend quality time together.

That said, some of my goals for this silly season are:

  • To purposely organise at least two or three Christmas activities to do as a family (e.g. go and see the lights, Christmas Eve service).
  • To involve the kids in the GIVING side of Christmas by letting them help wrap presents, and letting them choose a present to go under the giving tree at Church.
  • Buy a book about the Christmas story for the boys and read it regularly in the days leading up to Christmas.
  • Make time for friends in the midst of the busy-ness and have plenty of relaxing time with the people we love.

What needs to be your focus as Christmas approaches? Or are you just completely over it?! After Christmas every year, I wish we could just pick up and disappear the next year and avoid all the crowds and the stress and the family politics! Here’s hoping this year turns out ok!


3 thoughts on “Christmas values

  1. I love your list of goals…..and reading the christmas story in the days before christmas is such a lovely one…..I can remember doing this with my children when they were younger.

  2. I’m taking the class too. My focus this year is reviving certain fun traditions from my childhood that lapsed when I grew up and spent nearly 20 years without small kids in my life. I want the boys play find the elf every day, have an advent calendar and make reindeer food like I did. It just keeps slipping my mind in December

  3. I’m doing that class too. Although all I’ve done is read – going to make time to record stuff this weekend. Love that list of goals.

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