Team Jacob

Just back from seeing New Moon and completely won over to Team Jacob.  I think you can see why.


7 thoughts on “Team Jacob

  1. I hear ya…..haven’t seen the movie yet but have been on Team Jacob pretty much from the start. The eye-candy just confirms it’s the right choice lol


  2. i’ve been on team Jacob ever since reading the books..i never got the whole Edward fascination. Robert is ok i guess but the whole cold, hard, blood drinking thing just does nothing for me….give me a boiling hot, sexy, teen wolf any day LOL ;)

  3. Lol. I told my friend that I’m team Jacob now, because of that…but honestly I’m kind of torn between the two. When I read the books I was team Edward, but now I just don’t know anymore, lol. I am going to see the movie tomorrow. :D

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