December 1

This year is take two of my December Daily album.  Which is nice in one way, as I have an album all ready to go from last year.  Just have to change the ‘2008’ to ‘2009’!  I’ll try to blog my pictures and journalling semi-regularly to use as prompts for my album as I won’t be working on it daily (I don’t print pics at home so it makes it a bit tricky!)

I usually put my Christmas tree up on December 1, but this year I’ve decided our fake tree is a bit too big for our house (poor judgement when we bought it!) so I am going to head out on the weekend and buy our first real tree, I think…

So, in lieu of putting the tree up today, we headed out and bought some new decorations for the lounge room.  The boys are SO into all the decorations at the shops this year so I thought they might like some more pretty things at home.  I bought a few metres of satin and hung it off our rafters with big baubles hanging off it.  I think I’ll add some more bits to the middles when I dig the rest of our decorations out of the shed.

And it’s been a while since I’ve posted something scrappy, so here’s a layout I did at my last crop with my girls.  The pics are of my two boys rolling around naked on our bed after a bath.  It’s such a fun time – they love to play with Daddy after dinner as they usually haven’t seen him all day.  And they get to play rough and tumble with him!


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