On being a mum

Mother’s Day around here tends to be a day of rushing around, forgetting to buy presents, writing cards on the run, making portable type desserts and getting in and out of the car what seems like twenty times.  I do dream of a day where we go out for a lazy lunch and I can spend the day cuddling my boys.

Despite the rush and craziness, it is a good opportunity to reflect on this crazy thing called Motherhood.

I was NOT a maternal type teenager.  I was driven and academic and dreamed of long working hours and a rewarding career.  Then I hit my mid-twenties and I NEEDED a baby.  I’m not really sure what happened.  Something in my biological clock ticked over and I decided IT WAS TIME to start a family.  I’m glad it did – it took us a little while to have our first precious boy and I am so glad that we didn’t wait until later.  I gave up a wonderful career to be a mummy.  And I have never, ever regretted it.

I simply feel now that I was made to be a mummy.  Some days are draining, unrewarding and exhausting.  Others are fun and special and make it all worthwhile.  These two boys are funny and clever and gorgeous and I love them to bits.  I am so blessed to have been trusted with their little lives.  I cook, clean, sew, cuddle, soothe, shop… and love every part of my domestic mummy-life.  I’m ‘just a mum’ and I love it.  Crazy but true.


4 thoughts on “On being a mum

  1. You, without a doubt, grow the most beautiful babies!
    Look at these gorgeous happy boys.

    Its been a long time since I have been so excited to open Bloglines.

    Never, ‘just a Mum’, you are everything to them Tam.

  2. I love this post Tam…I love how eloquently you have described your feelings on motherhood. I so totally understand those feelings of being non-maternal and career driven being suddenly replaced with the overwhelming need to be a mummy. I guess it’s comforting to hear another mother voice the draining, unrewarding & exhausting part because I guess we all feel it but feel we can’t acknowledge it without feeling like a failure iykwim…I know I do! But, those great days and little moments of gut whenching, overwhelming love sure do make it all worthwhile! thankyou for sharing your ‘real’ feelings! Tatum xx

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