OK, so you know when you have a party to go to, and it’s 4.30pm and your hair’s wet and you still have to straighten it and do your makeup and whatever else, and you go to the closet to figure out what you’re going to wear and you decide you have absolutely nothing suitable and hubby has the car so you can’t go on a quick shopping spree….

Then you spot a black singlet, because black singlets work with everything, but it’s not quite party-worthy, so in your crazy, mustfindsomethingtowear state you grab your fabric scissors, another black singlet and your bag of fabric scraps, say a quick prayer that you don’t ruin it all, and run to the sewing machine…

Yeah, so that was me on Saturday night.  And just in case you get stuck in the same situation, I thought I’d post a little tutorial.  In my craziness, I didn’t get many photos, so I hope you get the feel of it :)

Firstly, I found an old black singlet that I didn’t mind cutting up.  Knit or stretch fabrics are the best here, because they don’t fray so you don’t have to worry about any pesky hemming.  I cut the hem off the old singlet, and then cut some strips across it.  I then cut the hem off one side of the strip to give me one long strip (with a hem in the middle of it, but don’t stress, it will get hidden).

I cut another two strips, slightly smaller than the first.  You can cut as many as you like – the more strips, the more ruffles you will have.  The next step is to ruffle your ruffles.  Choose the longest stitch on your sewing machine and sew a straight line up the middle of the strip of fabric, leave a good amount of thread at each end and DON’T BACKSTITCH.  Then, hold on to one of the threads at one of the ends, and pull.  Even the ruffles out along the strip until you have the look that you want.  You may need to gather from the other end too.  Tie the threads at each end once you’re happy.

Next, I pinned the ruffles to the singlet and *carefully* tried it on to make sure the positioning was ok.  It was.  Thank goodness.

I went ahead and sewed the ruffles to the singlet.

I felt that the singlet needed something more, and I’m really into grey at the moment, so I grabbed some offcuts of grey poplin, cut strips from them, gathered the strips, then kind of just twirled them around into little flowers.  I just pinned them with safety pins and pinned them to the singlet so I can take them off if I want to.  I frayed the edges a little too.

I was having fun at this point (and procrastinating from cleaning and cooking) so I freehand cut some little leaves out of the grey fabric and stitched them on too.

It was darned hard to get a picture of it on; this is me in my bathroom mirror – heeeee!

And every outfit is made better by yellow shoes.


7 thoughts on “Refashionating

  1. Those aren’t love handles Tam – these are love handles [said in my best Crocodile Dundee voice].
    You and the singlet look sensational – love the touch of grey.

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