Menu Monday

I’m going to attempt to share my weekly meal plans with you in order to 1) remember to complete one every week – it makes my afternoons so much less stressful and makes shopping easier AND 2) perhaps inspire you to try something new and yummy!

I so love trying new recipes and cooking yummy things for my family.  I’m leaning towards easier meals at the moment with the new bubby.  It’s Murphy’s Law that he will need a feed right before dinner, so I need things I can whip up quickly, and which won’t be spoilt if I need to step away for half an hour.

I’m shopping online at the moment, as life has been a bit crazy.  It does make planning easier, and I don’t tend to drop as many naughty things in the trolley!

Here is my plan for this week:

MONDAY: spinach and ricotta canneloni

TUESDAY: a gorgeous friend is dropping over a meal

WEDNESDAY: beef and mushroom pies (I usually make this up as I go with lots of vegies and a mashed potato topping)

THURSDAY: lamb with lentil and feta fritters (from the most recent Donna Hay magazine)

FRIDAY: spaghetti marinara (I cheat and use the marinara mix from the supermarket deli with a yummy tomato, garlic and wine sauce)

SATURDAY: chicken and antipasto pasta

SUNDAY: pumpkin soup with crusty bread (I might use this recipe from Taste – sounds yummy!)

Are you trying something new this week?


2 thoughts on “Menu Monday

  1. Good one mate! I am planning to do the same – just waiting on seeing what is in my organic veggie delivery this morning :)

  2. Oh I love spinach and ricotta cannelloni- but find stuffing the cannelloni takes too long- do you stuff the dry cannelloni or roll in the fresh pasta? I tried the fresh pasta option and it tasted too “pasty” not sure if I did it right though…

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