On food

Food is such an integral part of my life. I buy cooking magazines to read on holidays, save up for new, shiny cookbooks, and can spend the majority of my weekend cooking and *enjoy* it. It’s my ‘thing’.


Growing up, Mum cooked. All the time. There was always something homemade in our lunchboxes. I barely knew that you could buy food in packets or jars (except the good old tin of Heinz spaghetti for Saturday lunch!) We chatted while I sat at the kitchen bench stringing snow peas or grating cheese. Food didn’t just nourish me, it nurtured me.

Those who know me personally will know that my sister and her husband appeared on the 2010 season of My Kitchen Rules. They had an untimely exit due to some health issues (Kel is all good now) but the show fired up their dreams of opening a restaurant. I look forward to sitting in their restaurant one day, surrounded by family. Kel, too, is driven by the love of food.

Recently, my whole family spent a long weekend on the Mornington Peninsula. Me and all my boys, my parents and my sister and her hubby enjoyed our first extended time together since we both moved out of home nine years ago. While the whole weekend was lovely, the most wonderful moments of it were those in which my mum, sister and I were all cooking together. Glass of wine in one hand, wooden spoon in the other; sharing ideas and tips and laughing together. Food pulls our family together like nothing else.


You can bet that my boys are going to learn to cook for their future girlfriends. That there will be many years of family dinners at our house. That our cupboards will be full and our grocery bills exorbitant.

And that there will be many more posts about food here. Yum!


2 thoughts on “On food

  1. I grew up around a lot of cooking in the house too. I think it’s a billion times better than getting hooked to take out and fast food! And it kind of naturally leads to healthier eating.

  2. We have the same attitude towards food here. its not just fuel for the body, but so much more.

    I love the idea of the family getaway…what a wonerful experience!

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