The sound of silence

In the years BC – before children – I loved listening to music.  I spent an entire summer as a teenager closed up in my tiny room, sitting on my beanbag listening to Jeff Buckley and Pearl Jam (yes, there may have been a little angst involved there).  In my uni years I would have Triple J or a Badloves CD playing while I waded through hours of homework at all hours of the night.  And in our early married years, Rog would have music playing loud whenever we were home.

Now, I feel like my life is full of noise.  Baby crying, kids fighting, TV blaring, computer games thumping, shopping centre murmuring, kinder chatting… silence is hard to come by.  Sometimes when I’m out by myself, I turn the car radio off and just enjoy the nothingness.  At home, I’ll turn the iPod on when I’m rushing around doing housework, but if I sit to surf the net, or sew, or craft, I inevitably turn it off.

I still try to absorb music when I can.  Old and new.  My kids haven’t worked out that the car stereo can play kid’s CDs; Mr 3 quite likes a bit of house dance music, and always asks me to turn it up loud.


Do you work best with the music thumping, or in silence?  Do you need some new tunes to get funky with?  Since this is my 100th post on this blog, I think a giveaway is in order!  Would you like a $5 iTunes voucher so you can download a couple of new tunes to do your housework to, or inspire you to run faster?  Leave a comment below and I’ll randomly choose someone to receive a voucher.  I’ll cut off entries on Friday night at about 9pm or so, so get in quick!


4 thoughts on “The sound of silence

  1. I was just saying to Nathan last night that my absolute favourite time of the day is when we are both sitting in bed reading, absolute silence.
    I’m the same, I normally don’t have music on when doing craft, but I did the other day, some Christina perri and I actually enjoyed it. But I was on a deadline and the kids weren’t at home, maybe that had something to do with it.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. After all the noise, silence is true bliss! I associate music with memories too so I always think of mum cooking when I listen to country music so even Tilly knows now when we are going to bake, I put on a bit of country. Get me in the mood for the job :)

  3. That looks like my kind of playlist. I never used to like the quiet but i love it now. I often put music on when I’m cooking or when I’m doing an activity with Joel. I don’t listen when I’m crafting though (not that that happens very often at the moment)

  4. Ah yes, love a little silence when I’m alone especially as my kids just dont stop talking :-P. But I still love my music – current faves being Seeker Lover Keeper, Adele and Florence and the machine.

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