Menu Monday

Back again with a quick little Menu Monday.  After coming home from kinder drop off this morning, I sat with my laptop, a few cookbooks and my pen and paper, and scribbled up my meal list and shopping list for the week.  Then did my shopping on Coles Online for delivery tomorrow morning.  And hopefully I’ll pop out this afternoon to get my vegies and meat.  Then I’ll be set for the week!

On the menu this week:

  • Chicken stir fry with rice noodles
  • Lasagne (this will do two nights – hooray!)
  • Pumpkin and fennel risotto
  • Baked chops and vegies
  • Winter chicken soup
  • Prawn rice paper rolls
Baked fennel and pumpkin risotto via
I cooked dinner last night for my parents and in-laws (it was my hubby’s birthday), and tried two things that I’d never cooked before.  Roast beetroot – which is so delicious and easy – and Israeli cous cous.  I’ll definitely be doing both again.  Yummy!  Have you cooked anything new lately?

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