Bedroom re-do

Well, hello!  I promised to return with some pictures of my redecoration project.  A couple of weekends ago, hubby went away for a weekend with his mates and their dirt-bikes, and I secretly planned to update our bedroom while he was gone.  I had been collecting bits and pieces for a while, and then the day before he left, I grabbed some time to get some last minute things from Spotlight.

The biggest job was the clean up.  Because I hadn’t really *liked* our room, it had become a bit of a dumping room.  The corners were full of homeless items, the surfaces covered in ‘important’ papers and receipts, the bookshelf was disorganised and dusty.  I used my favourite clean up trick for all the random bits – dump them all in a box and deal with it later!  No really, I find it much easier to get through things if I remove them from the problem area.  The bookshelf was sorted – some books that I know I’ll never read again went into the car boot sale pile, the rest were reorganised so the prettiest books sat at eye level.  The top of our drawers was completely cleared.  We recently removed the big tv from there (we rarely watch it in bed) and I put the VCR (?!) and DVD players in the giveaway pile.

Then the make-over began!  Since my good camera met with a small accident (it’s now fixed and ready to be picked up – thanks, wonderful daddy!) all I have is some iPhone pictures of before and after.

Ooh, how embarrassing!  Don’t look at that mess in the before piccie!  All the furniture in our room is Ikea – one day it will be replaced with lovely solid timber pieces, but these will do us for now!

Furniture: Ikea – Malm series drawers, Billy bookcase

Curtains: Spotlight

Glass candle holder on drawers: a gift from my brother-in-law from Sohum

Got rid of more mess, and hung a little vignette of things on the blank wall.  Some embroidery hooks with fabric scraps, and pictures of Rog and I as kids, as well as one of us together.  I like the word ‘dream’ referring to both the act of sleeping, and of imagining big things :)  Our walls are besser brick, so there was no way I was going to be getting any picture hooks in them!  I used the 3M Command picture hanging strips, and they were SO super easy!

This was the biggest transformation.  We’ve had neutral (read: brown) bedspreads since we moved in here, and I am SO SICK of neutrals!  It was time to brighten things up!  I painted over the mirror behind the bed as it is solidly adhered to the wall!  We will do our walls at some stage, but they need to be solid plastered (rendered) and I’m not that much of a DIY-er.  I made the headboard with chipboard, batting, fabric and my dad’s ancient staple gun.  It was kinda fun!

Bedspread: Ikea (not in stock in Melbourne so a lovely friend got one from Sydney for me)

Cushions: floral cushion covers made by me with fabric from Spotlight.  Bird cushion a gift from a friend.

European cushions and covers: Spotlight

Lamps: Ikea

This is my favourite thing in the whole bedroom – the Gypsy chandelier from Freedom.  It was on sale right before my birthday, so Rog got it for my gift.  My parents came over the night Rog was away and my dad installed it for me – it really ‘made’ the whole room.  It’s just like a crystal disco ball; so pretty and sparkly.

And just a fortuitous shot of my tiny boy in the new bedroom.  He’s teething, bless him.  Lots of cuddles.

There are a few more things I’d like for the bedroom.  I’d love a nice indoor plant for the top of the drawers.  I need to add a ruffle to the bottom of the curtains (they are slightly too short).  I want to add something to the wall in my corner – perhaps a lovely storage thingy for my jewellery.

And then next I want to attack our entryway.  I can’t find a hall table I really like though – keeping my eyes peeled!


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