Run like a mother

Running has always been a bit elusive for me. I’m not a runner, I’d say. I don’t run.

Recently, though, it has presented itself as a perfect choice of exercise. Burn loads of calories, exercise at any time of the day, no need for special equipment, and getting out of the house with just my iPod for company.  I downloaded the C25K app, donned my eight year old runners, created a makeshift armband out of wide elastic to hold my iPod, and off I went.

Disclaimer: These are not my running shoes. My runners are eight year old cross trainers that are falling apart. Must do something about that.

I didn’t die. That kind of surprised me.

The best time for me to run is early in the morning before my kids get up.  There is something quite magical about being out in the fresh, cool air at 6am.  Luckily, hubby has been home this week, so if I miss that opportunity (read: sleep in) I’ve been popping out in the afternoon while bubby sleeps.  I’m looking forward to some later runs once daylight savings is here too.

The couch to 5km program is very doable for a beginner runner. There are a few different apps available for the iPhone (and probably other platforms too).  This one allows me to listen to my own music or podcasts and prompts me to run and walk for each interval.  Week one, run one I felt challenged but not defeated. And the second run felt even better. I’m trying to add an extra run in every week too, as well as some other form of exercise.  This week, that was a walk to the post office with my kids.  I don’t recommend that if you want to walk with any pace.  Look mum, another dandelion…  I know it will probably get harder as the running parts get longer, but I’m hoping to stick with it and be running 5km by Christmas.

And then I might even be able to say with some confidence, I’m a runner. I run.


2 thoughts on “Run like a mother

  1. Hi there, I just found your blog through Blogtoberfest. I’ve also recently started the C25K and am halfway through week 3. I’m really enjoying it so far and it is lovely to have half an hour to myself listening to music!

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