Keeping it real

It’s a common complaint that bloggers display the happy, shiny side of their lives.  That they appear perfect with their home decor, DIY projects, cooking, crafting, wonderful photos and beautiful kids.  I’m as guilty as anyone of only posting the best bits.  I figure that no one wants to read about my struggles, my mess, my reality.

But in only writing about my successes, only displaying my best photos, posting my crafts and cooking, am I making my audience (LOL) feel inadequate?  Because I know I can feel that way when I skim my blog reader in the morning.

I want to inspire people to give things a go, knowing that you don’t have to be a super-mum to do it.  I am definitely NOT a super-mum.  I sleep in, I growl at my kids, I don’t read them enough books, they sometimes watch too much TV, I eat cereal for lunch, I drink too much coffee.  And every now and then I’ll share the not-so-shiny moments with you, just to keep it real.  Here’s some of my dirty secrets from this week:

I don’t think the boys’ beds have been made at all this week.

Three loads of washing on the couch waiting to be folded.

My pile of bills to be paid, paperwork to be filed, and this quarter’s BAS to do.  I’m really, really good at putting off the paperwork.

The kitchen bench is the first thing you see when you walk in the door, and it is a mess!  I’ve spent all week dumping things there instead of putting them away.  Yuck!

And I could find many more, but I must save some for another time!  Make me feel better – what is your dirty little secret this week?


3 thoughts on “Keeping it real

  1. I spent all last night (up until 1am) getting my paperwork in order, I have a basket full of ironing to do and my vacuum cleaner doesn’t really get used all that often! (oops!)

  2. This is a breath of fresh air Tam!
    Our family room table is covered in the contents of my office/studio/dump room as I type and I do not want to put it all back in there – ever :)
    Love your couch pic – it could be mine.

  3. Tam so glad to see I’m not the only one who’s kitchen bench is a mess, who has numerous loads of washing to fold (I currently am folding 5 on my dining table) and who has heaps of paperwork on their desk (my desk is a lot worse than yours though lol).
    My dirty little secret is there are two piles of folded clothes on my chest of draws that have been there for a week. Oh and I didn’t do any baking this week…I bought cakes instead. Terrible mummy.

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