Five on Friday

Participating in Blogtober? Already running out of ideas for blog posts?  Here are five sites that feature daily writing prompts.  You may find them useful for banishing that writer’s block.

  1. Daily Post  A daily prompt with the aim of preparing you to write a novel in November.
  2. Plinky  You can write your answer to the daily question directly on this site and then share it via your blog.
  3. Mindbump  Get a random prompt every time you visit.
  4. Creativity Prompt  This blogger ends each post with a question that you can use to create your own blog post.
  5. The One-Minute Writer  Too busy to blog?  This blog encourages you to spend just one minute a day writing and provides a daily subject to write about.
No excuses now!  Are you keeping up with Blogtober?  Running out of steam yet?  One week down now and I feel like I’m just hitting my stride.  This is fun!

4 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. I’m really enjoying blogging everyday so far. Haven’t hit a wall yet but am sure I will further down the track. Will keep these sites in mind when I do. On another note, I was planning on doing a Friday’s Five blog post today too. Hope you don’t think I am stealing your idea. We just have awesome brains that think alike!!

  2. I have not kept up with Blogtober, expected as much, but I have a post in mind that I will attempt over the weekend. Good job for blogging everyday mate :)

  3. I am not participating in Blogtober, but I am struggling with keeping up with my blog. All I seem to find time for is posting my photo a day pics, and that’s very sporadically anyway. Hoping to get on top of it all this week and start being able to blog more of my daily thoughts. Thanks for these links, they will be useful for sure!

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