Made It Monday {pixelspluspaper}

There’s something special about buying handmade, and something even more special about giving handmade.  I often make gifts, especially for our little friends, but if time is short, buying handmade to give is just as good an option.  I’ve joined in with Made It’s ‘Choose Handmade This Xmas’ campaign, and as part of that I’m going to feature a favourite Made It seller every once in a while to help you get your Christmas shopping underway.

pixelspluspaper is a gorgeous little store featuring all kinds of handmade paper goodies.  I have already professed my love for stationary recently, so it’s no surprise that I adore these products!  Last Christmas I used these gift tags for all my gifts:

And I am really loving these super girly bookplates:

And these babushka page markers:

And I think I may be needing these darling tooth fairy envelopes soon too:

All images from pixelspluspaper Made It store.

Something I really love about buying handmade and local is the personal service, and I have to say, the service from pixelspluspaper was just lovely.  The tags came in cute packaging (um, who doesn’t love cute packaging!) and I got email updates when my order was shipped which is always appreciated, especially around Christmas when I’m usually waiting on LOTS of packages!  Check out their store, and let me know in the comments if you have a favourite Made It store that I should go and visit.

If you want to help support Made It’s ‘Choose Handmade This Xmas’ campaign, you can join in on Facebook.


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