Five no-more-plastic-toys present ideas

Recently, I have imposed on myself a ‘no-more-plastic-toys’ rule when buying presents for our small friends.  I know that *we* have more than enough plastic/battery operated toys, and quite honestly, my boys are so rough on their toys that very few survive a week.

My favourite non-plastic gift ideas lately are:

  1. Gardening gift – buy a plant pot (I like to get terracotta ones so the recipient can paint it if they like), add a small trowel and a plant.  Bright coloured flowering plants are great, or buy something that will yield a yummy crop like a strawberry or tomato plant.  Succulents are a winner too (and hard to kill – bonus!)
  2. Cooking gift – Encourage kids to get into the kitchen by making up a cupcake pack.  Pop a cupcake packet mix, some pretty sprinkles, cupcake cases and a wooden spoon into a gift bag.  You could add an apron and even a little chef’s hat (you should be able to find some handmade options on Made It).
  3. Superhero cape – Every little boy and girl loves to pretend to be a superhero every now and then!  I love to make these – they are so easy and even if you have only basic sewing skills you’ll be fine!  My favourite tutorial is at Georgia Leigh.  Otherwise, search Made It for some gorgeous options.  You could add a handmade or bought superhero mask to match.
  4. Board games – OK, so these *might* be slightly plastic, but there is something so special about board games, especially the more classic ones.  I just love playing board games with my older kids, and watching them develop their skills of turn-taking, sharing, counting, competitiveness and losing (oh yes, I let my kids lose all the time) makes me so proud.  Some of my favourites are Snakes and Ladders, Trouble, Uno, Connect 4 and Battleship.
  5. Fort kit – this one I haven’t actually used yet, but I’m dying to because it’s just such an awesome idea!  There are lots of variations on the theme all over the interwebs; this one was found on Pinterest via Meg and Andy
Do you have a go-to non-plastic gift for birthdays?

6 thoughts on “Five no-more-plastic-toys present ideas

  1. Ooo awesome post idea and awesome present ideas. I too an over fantastic plastic. Needed some alternative ideas for nieces and nephews for Christmas and these are perfect! Thanks for the tips!

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