Jude at 7 monthsIrrelevant photo of my baby boy just because his thighs are delicious!

It’s the 16th day of October today which means that 1. My baby is 7 months old today and 2. I’ve just ticked over to the second half of the month.  The month where I’m blogging every day.

Blogging every day is tough. I have a lot of admiration for people who consistently post five or more times a week.

Blogging takes quite an amount of time.  Time to plan posts.  Time to write posts.  Time to activate links, take, edit and upload photos and sort things out when the layout goes all skewiff.  Time to completely rejig how your blog looks only to go back to how it was to begin with.

But, despite the hard work, I’m enjoying the challenge. Loving finding new things to post and loving writing again.  I feel like I’ve lost my writer’s voice from years of neglect, but that maybe this month will help me find it. Loving that I’ve discovered some fun new blogs and communities through this (I can’t believe I’ve been oblivious to the whole Aussie mummy blog movement up until now!)

I’d love to hear from you now, as I head into the second half of this challenge.  What have you liked?  What would you like to see more of?  Less of?  Is the blog easy to navigate and does it look pretty?  Comments, please!  I want to make the second half of Blogtober better!


One thought on “Halfway

  1. I’ve loved reading all your posts. Isn’t the whole mummy blOgging world great!!!

    I hear you on how blOgging regularly is hard. I seem to have fallen by the wayside.

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