What my baby ate today

And today, the bad mummy award goes to me!

Breakfast: shared my porridge (that’s cows milk AND honey, but just a little)

Morning snack: a dead fly and a seed pod that he found on the tiles in the entry way

Lunch: mashed unripe banana

Afternoon snack: bits of the boys’ lunch that he found on the floor

Dinner: will be whatever we’re having mashed up (probably rissoles and veggies)

Thank goodness he’s still fully breastfed so he’s getting *something* nutritious!  Third child syndrome, hey?!


2 thoughts on “What my baby ate today

  1. too funny Tam…and yes.. that third child for you. Very different from the first hey. I remember my first I would have been freaking out if she’d been eating the lunch off the floor – let alone the fly. LOL

  2. HAHA so good!! hehehe.

    Thanks for the advice on my machine! I’m thinking since my Nana has retired, I should probably retire her sewing machine. But you’re right, it probably does just need a service. *sigh*. That seems to be in the ‘too hard’ pile – but I bet its really easy.


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