Doing something

Last night our family went to enjoy an Indian banquet at the home of some of close friends.  We ate delicious home cooked food, drank wine, met new people and had stimulating (grown up!) conversations.  At the end of the night, before going home to our warm beds, we dropped $20 on the table and thanked the hosts.

We generally don’t tip the hosts when we go out for dinner (although we’ll usually bring along a nice bottle of red).  The reason for last night’s monetary donation, was that this particular dinner was held to raise money for the Global department at our church.

As long as we have been married, it has been a priority for us to put aside *something* to support those less fortunate than us.  We have had World Vision kids (two of whom recently ‘graduated’ from us!) and now we are sponsoring a little one through Christian Outreach Ministries.  Last week we bought a bed for an orphanage in India!

It’s important for us to look beyond ourselves.  It’s important to us to be an example for our kids.  Sometimes we struggle for money – we’re self-employed and that comes with dry times – but we have a house, dry beds, three substantial meals a day, clean clothes to wear, two cars and more toys than we know what to do with.  That’s more than most of the world has, and making it a priority to give helps put that in perspective.

We can’t solve the world’s problems.  We can’t eliminate famine or poverty.  But we can improve the quality of life of one or two children.  We can provide a bed for someone who otherwise wouldn’t have one.  We can support those who give up their comfortable lives to go and be blessings to others.

We can’t do everything.  But we can do *something*.  So we do.


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