Rare femininity

Seems I’m a bit on my high horse about giving money lately.  Sorry about that.  Honestly, I have to be controlled when it comes to giving to charity.  I have chosen a few charities to support, and I have to stay strong and say no to all the other callers.  There’s only so much we can do – we can’t do everything but we can do something.

The opportunity came up this month to host a Girls Night In to raise money for the Cancer Council, and since Mel was planning an Intimo party anyhow, we thought we’d chuck on some extra special food, some pink champagne and turn it into a fundraiser.

I’m not sure if you have visited Mel’s blog, but she is also the lucky mummy of three boys.  We don’t get much opportunity to get all girly, especially for parties.  So, being all pretty-deprived as we are, we cooked up a storm and created a lovely, pink, girly dessert table.  It was fun, and really quite delicious!

Mel baked the most delicious fudge brownies with peanut butter frosting (I’m sure she’ll blog these soon!), lemon curd tarts and custard tarts with fresh strawberries that her little boys picked!

I made pink cupcakes (espresso cakes with Frangelico frosting) and my first ever macarons!  The macarons took a bit of tweaking to get them right, but they turned out quite well and I’ll be trying them again.

We also had pretty dishes with musk sticks, scorched almonds, pastelly meringues (or orang-utans as my big boy called them this morning) and fresh strawberries.

We ate delicious things, drank delightful local pink bubbles, bought new bras, hung out with special girls AND raised some much needed dollars for a worthy cause.

I call that a fairly awesome night out.


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