Keeping it real {November edition}

You know, I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for people who do this mothering stuff on their own. Single mums, wives of men who work interstate or overseas, or who work shift work or loads of overtime.

I know I’ve been spoilt. The Builder is generally home by dinner time. He does bathtime while I do the dishes. We tag team for bedtime stories. He works for himself which affords us a lot of flexibility.

The past couple of weeks he’s been on a job that has demanded a lot of extra hours. Work is a bit slow so he’s had to take what he can get. He has been getting home late – after the small boys are in bed. Leaving before six in the morning. And working Saturdays and public holidays.

And I’m struggling just a little. Three small boys demanding my attention all day, with no break until everyone’s in bed is doing my head in a bit!  Then, I’m staying up way too late enjoying the quiet and getting all the things done that I should have done during the day.

Again, I know I have no right to whine when plenty of people do it much tougher all the time. But if I’m going to be honest, keeping it real and all, I’m a bit over it and I need a break!  My poor kids are putting up with grumpy mummy a whole lot – I’m not sure if their fighting is making me grumpy, or my grumpiness is making them fight, or both!

Also reality around here this week:

The boys have often been in their PJs most of the day because I can’t be bothered having arguments about getting dressed.

The fruit bowl is empty because I haven’t felt like taking them all out to the shops.


I had friends over for lunch in Monday and shoved all the random mess from around the house into the laundry and shut the door. It’s still there.

Oh, and my baby ate a huntsman this week.  For reals.

How are you keeping it real today?


4 thoughts on “Keeping it real {November edition}

  1. Hey tam, doesn’t sound like you are a happy camper this week. I’m sure many mums can relate to this and sometimes it’s a really tough gig. Cut yourself some slack, make sure you do stuff for you every day and keep blogging cos I enjoy reading them… Can’t wait til I have Internet connected so can do some myself!! Kxx

  2. That looks like our fruit bowl when I can’t honestly face the shops (especially if it happens to be school holidays) and I totally do the staying up too late just because it’s quiet thing too. We definitely have stretches where I feel I’m doing things solo around here and the need to have a break becomes quite overwhelming, even if it is just to go to the loo in peace. Here’s hoping that you get a break to have some time out very soon. Tatum

  3. Oh tam I know how you feel!! When you have the help normally it’s hard when you don’t for a period.
    I’m so unmotivated lately. But decided Yeaterday they has to change. House is a mess, clothes not folded, toys everywhere. I just haven’t been bothered. And ive been grumpy. So I actually did some stuff yesterday. Going to try and continue today.

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