Some input, if you please

I’m still tweaking things around here, trying to make this a place I’m comfortable with, that’s *me*.  I’m not particularly happy with the background OR the header, but I don’t have time to work on them right now.  And I’m waiting for that lightning bolt of inspiration.  You know the one.

The other thing I really want to change is the blog address.  I changed it to Calico Lane last year when I was sewing lots and wanting to make this a place for ‘business-y matters’.  Sewing hasn’t fit into the schedule so much this year, and while it’s something I will no doubt go back to, I don’t want to make it the focus of this blog any more.

I was thinking of going back to my name, but had some reservations regarding privacy and all.  Although, I figure, if I have Facebook and six hundred other accounts all over the interwebs that have my name, address and email address, should I really be worried about that?

What do you think?  Do you have any suggestions for me?  Is privacy something that *freaks* you out?


2 thoughts on “Some input, if you please

  1. i like the name…and i like the way you are going with the header and background…
    i seriously need to change mine…sooooo outdated….but struggling to find the time…

    privacy doesn’t really freak me out…my thought is if you’re going to have a blog and post about your life then you have to expect some privacy issues…otherwise have it as a private blog password restricted…

    want to add, love your blog, love how you keep it real and i especially loved reading ALL your posts in October!

  2. I like the name around here. I say stick with that.

    As for privacy… nope it doesn’t freak me out. There is so much info about me on the web, and I don’t mind.

    Man I need to get back into blogging. You inspire me girly!

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