World’s slowest renovation update

Ah, nothing like getting the deck done eight years later…

Our two year house has become our ten year house.  Oh well, not much can be done about that now.  The saddest thing about it though, is that we could have been enjoying a nice new deck for the past five or so years; instead, we’ve gradually been falling through an old rotting deck which we have finally replaced out of necessity.

About half the deck is done.  It’s going to be a huge area.  Over twenty metres long and nice and wide.  I have new steps.  And lovely decking in my entryway instead of ugly painted bricks.  If you use your imagination to see rendered bricks, a new light and a lovely new centred door with slim windows either side, you’ll get an idea of how my entry is going to look.  One day.

We currently have no handrails which is a leetle worrying since the boys insist on running up and down the new part of the deck for most of the day.  The Builder has been busy with real work that pays money, so hasn’t had a lot of time for working on his own house. Money vs new deck.  I can’t decide.

Meanwhile, the interior entry is my next redecoration project and I am keeping my eye out for a cute table to fit in an awkward little space.  This one should be fun!


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