Magnolia Square Market

This past weekend, I spent some rare time with my lovely sister.  We visited the Magnolia Square Market at the St Kilda Town Hall.  We had to take an obligatory Coca Cola can shot (she saw the can and insisted we buy it):

The St Kilda Town Hall was a gorgeous setting for the market.  I was surprised at how quiet it was – we had no problem negotiating the pram around the market, and were able to chat to quite a few of the stall owners – all of whom were lovely.  I think I might have to pop down to the market when they are at Malvern at the beginning of December.

I neglected to take many photos – I was juggling the stroller and a sleep-deprived baby (who was very good all day, considering he was being dragged around the city doing very girly things) – so I have stolen some photos from websites of the stalls that I returned to twice or three times.

I didn’t buy all that much (not from lack of wanting to, more from respect of my credit card balance) but I did buy some dishwashing detergent from Murchison-Hume, as it came highly recommended from Mel.

Not only does it look beautiful, but it smells lovely and has left my dishes sparkling.  I am in the process of going chemical free in my house, so products like these make me happy.

I also bought a t-shirt similar to this one from Heavenly Creatures:

 Their organic children’s clothing feels divine (and they have super special market specials too!)  Don’t even get me started on their gorgeous girl’s clothes, because I don’t get the luxury of buying pretty girly things!

I returned to the Nooshie stand about three times.  It is so hard to find funky, different t-shirts for boys, and these ones ticked all the boxes: cute, colourful, comfy.  I think the boys are going to get one each for Christmas!  This was my favourite:

The girls from Sirens Swimwear get the award for bravest stall holders – they were wearing their wares!  Lucky for them, it was a warm day!  I am sooooo in love with their retro-styled swim suits, particularly this one (but in black with white spots):

And lastly, one for my wish list is this ever-so practical Slouch bag in tan.  I’ve been looking for a lovely tan bag forever and this one is big, and leather, and comfortable to carry.  Sigh.  Hubby?  Christmas?

I think I could become addicted to markets – so much fun, so pretty, and so lovely to meet the faces behind the products.

Have you been to a market lately?  What’s your favourite thing about shopping at markets?


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