I’m buying shares…

With three growing boys (plus one fully grown one) in the house, I have come to the decision that buying shares in certain lucrative industries is going to be a smart business move in the years to come.  On my list:

1. Bread.  The boys love bread.  Times four.  That’s a lot of bread.

2. Toilet paper.  Um, you’re boys.  Only half of your toileting activities require toilet paper, so why in the heck do we go through so. freaking. much?

3. Fruit.  Current forecasts are with apples, mangoes, cherries and bananas, but this could change at any time.

4. Hair gel.  Handfuls of the stuff, every morning on our way out the door.  And while we’re at it, we might as well invest in a hairdressing salon too.  Regular haircuts since they were four months old really adds up.

5. Breakfast cereal.  Holy toledo, do these boys love breakfast.  My big boy especially, can down five Vita Brits, then go back for seconds.

6. Jeans and shorts.  They wear them out at the knees and bum, respectively.  Gone are my ideas that having three boys was awesome because you get three times the wear out of clothes.  Not gunna happen.

7. Panadol and vodka.  Not so much for the boys.

What disappears lightning fast at your house?


One thought on “I’m buying shares…

  1. Weetbix! My (nearly) 5 year old eats for breakfast and lunch most days and can eat up to 6 (yep 6) in a sitting!
    Milk – we go through 9L a week with 4 little people in the house (and 2 big people)
    Honey – About 2L a month I reckon!

    When #2 was teething I reckon I purchased enough bonjella to get honoury shares with them too :o)

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