Secret’s out

If you’re a crafty, scrapbooky type person, you may have heard of the Scrapbooking Memories Masters competition.  Going by the steep increase in views of my blog yesterday, I think a few people heard that I was one of the winners this year, so if you’re here because of that – hello!  And sorry that there has been a distinct lack of craftiness around here lately!

If you’re not a crafty, scrapbooky type person, all that means is that I won a lovely prize, and will have some of my crafty stuff in the Scrapbooking Memories magazine all next year.  There is a lovely group of winners and I’m very honored to have been chosen along with them.  I can’t show you my entries just yet, but they will be in the magazine in a month or so, and then a little after that I will try to remember to share them here.

And whoa, I can’t believe it’s December today!  Every year I have plans for Christmas craftiness and advent activities, but December always sneaks up and catches me completely unprepared.  This was going to be the year I finally got my felt advent calendar finished (it has been in the cupboard for about three years…)  Perhaps that can be my task for the day (as well as venturing into the spider-y shed to find the Christmas tree – eek!)

And lastly, can someone let Melbourne know that it’s now summer?  Brrrrrrrr…


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